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The history of our spectacular building.
Circles occupies one of the two bridge towers on Lendal Bridge. Lendal Bridge was the second of the three road bridges built over the River Ouse at York. The bridge replaced an earlier ferry service which had operated from Barker Tower on the south-west bank  to Lendal Tower. The advent of the railways in York in the first half of the nineteenth century made the ferry service busier than ever with passengers wanting to cross the river going to and from York’s original railway station in Tanner Row. A bridge to replace the Lendal ferry service was first suggested in 1838 but responsibility for its construction became a point of controversy between the Corporation of York and the railway companies.
After much debate The Lendal Bridge and York Improvement Act was finally passed in 1860 and the foundation stone of the original bridge designed by William Dredge was laid later that year. Unfortunately this first construction was ill fated and in 1861 the original bridge collapsed during construction 'killing five men'. The bridge was redesigned and finally opened in 1863. The new architect brought in after the failed first attempt was Thomas Page who also designed Skeldergate Bridge in York and Westminster Bridge in London.
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